When Air Duct Cleaning Necessary

Leaving Ducts Clean As A Whistle

Our cooling and heating systems can determine whether you have a comfortable or uncomfortable home. You have to keep your HVAC access clean in order to avoid efficiency issues or cause breathing issues. Below are the glaring signs that air ducts require cleaning:

Presence of Mold

While the air conditioning unit cools down the temperature, condensation can take place inside the system. It specifically happens when there is a lapse in temperature between the unit and the warmer air around it. In humid weather conditions, moisture is common in any area and it reaches the ducts as well. These issues can make the place vulnerable to mold growth in the system.

Having said that, you need to check if there are molds on the vent openings. In regular maintenance, a highly-trained technician can find mold in the duct system. Confirm the problem area, and when the expert confirms it, have the mold eliminated immediately. Ignoring the problem can worsen allergies and pose some respiratory conditions.

Spiking Heating and Cooling Costs

Another glaring sign that you have to get the air ducts cleaned is a sudden spike in your heating and cooling bills. Particularly, you notice an increase despite not using the HVAC system regularly. Initially, look into the cost carefully to figure out if the increase is due to a spike in cost from the electric company. When you can’t identify the problem, lint and dirt may be blocking the air duct passage. When it occurs, the cooling and heating unit are running extra hard to catch up for the inadequate airflow.

One possible reason is the air ducts have small holes where the air blows into unnecessary spots like the basement or attic. Affected ducts will also push the system to work double-time as less heated or cooled air will reach the intended areas and shift the temperature.

Dirty Grills

The most noticeable sign of dirty air ducts is seeing dust particles around the grills of the vents. Once the dust is accumulated there, it may be due to the dust in the ductwork and it rushes outward in the vent openings. Observe and check if there are irregular amounts of dust in the openings. When there are, this is clear evidence that much dust is settling in the air ducts.

When you see any of these signs, call Vicks Air Duct Cleaning today for professional services. We also specialize in dryer vent cleaning and commercial duct cleaning. You can rest assured that our highly-trained technicians will get the job done right. Contact our team today to book an appointment!

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