What’s Inside Your Air Duct System?

Leaving Ducts Clean As A Whistle

Are you aware of what is inside your ductwork systems? Over so many years, there are numerous gunks that can grow or develop inside your air duct system, making them unsafe, undesirable, and unhealthy to you and your family. In this blog from Vicks Air Duct Cleaning, we uncover and clarify what is inside your air duct system.

 1) Dust

  • It is the most obvious thing that forms or builds up inside your air ducts over time.
  • It also comprises incalculable or countless small particles, such as dust, dead skin cells, debris, and little fibers, and minerals.
  • Always remember that excessive dust or contaminants causes your heating and air conditioning system to run inefficiently and ineffectively, and it has a chance that it can result in a serious issue related to your lungs.

2) Allergens

  • No matter how credible and strong your air filter is, allergens from indoor and outdoor are bound to get into your air duct system at some points.
  • In case you have got pets in your place, you expect that pet dander collects in your ductwork system and around your vents. Dust and other contaminants coming from the outside part of your place get in through open doors and windows, and it may go through as well to your clothing.

3) Pests

  • Have you examined or assessed your creep space or storage room as of late? Are you aware that pests, such as bugs, mice, or without a doubt small snakes can wriggle their way into your ducts through small holes or cracks within the joints between pieces of ductwork, especially in older ones? Furthermore, bugs can also move their way into your vents.

4) Mold and Microorganisms

  • Shape, organisms, parasites, and viruses can be developed inside your air duct system over a long time. The higher the dampness level in your place allows water vapor to cling to dander, dust, and allergens. Mugginess and water buildup, along with the dim insides ductwork system, offer the perfect developing environment for molds.
  • Molds can be too risky to people, particularly when it’s breathed in.

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