Manage Your Allergies With these Easy Steps

Leaving Ducts Clean As A Whistle

Allergens are present anywhere, even inside your homes. Pollens, pet dander, dust mites, smoke, molds, and other airborne pollutants can induce red & itchy eyes, dry throats, and runny noses. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to make some changes in your home. Here are three easy steps to manage your allergies.

Close Your Windows And Utilize Your A/C

Opening your window to allow a cool breeze is a pleasant feeling and helps save you money at energy costs. However, it also makes it easy for pollutants to enter your home. We recommend you close your windows and use your central air unit whenever you can. When you use your HVAC system, you reduce humidity within your home, which hinders mold from growing and spreading. You should also follow this advice when driving your car. Use your AC as much as possible to keep annoying pollen out. 

Change The Filters in Your Air Conditioner & Furnace

You’ve probably heard it once or one thousand times, but changing your air filters is essential. It helps prevent allergies from triggering and spoiling your day. Your HVAC system requires clean air filters to thoroughly filter out pollutants from getting into your home. If you haven’t replaced your filters in a while, then you are at risk of allergic reactions. Having your air ducts clean greatly helps in ensuring that your home is safe from pollutants that are lurking within your air ducts.

Avoid Staying Outdoors for a Long Period

The outdoors is a risky place for people with sensitive noses. The best time to go outside is in the morning or late evening where pollen counts are lower. Avoid highly congested areas of traffic where smoke pollution is at its highest. A light rainstorm is also beneficial as it can clear the air of allergenic pollen for a short amount of time.

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