Dryer Vent Cleaning Dryer Lint Unseen Risks

Leaving Ducts Clean As A Whistle

There is an unseen danger in your home, and you may not even realize and see it. Dryer lint is a potential fire hazard and leads to great damage to your home and property. Today’s blog from Vicks Air Duct Cleaning discusses the unseen dangers of dryer lint and why you need dryer duct cleaning right away and regularly.

Dryer Fire Statistics

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, almost 3,000 home clothes dryer fires are registered every year. These fires resulted in five deaths, 100 injuries, and a property loss of millions. The leading cause of dryer fires is a failure to clean the dryer, accounting for 34 percent of these fires. In the fall and winter months, home fires peak, with most occurring in January. 

How Does Dryer Lint A Fire Hazard?

The airflow of the dryer is restricted when enough lint clogs the machine and triggers overheating. Too much heat in the dryer will cause the lint to ignite, and when enough heat is present, it quickly catches fire. Too much lint in the dryer can cause a heating element to come into contact with it, which causes the lint to ignite immediately.

How Often To Get Dryer Duct Cleaning?

It depends on how you often use the appliance. It is recommended to clean the dryer duct once every three months or at least once every two years. If you choose the latter, go for the spring or summer when the outside weather is fine.

How To Tell If It Is Time For Dryer Duct Cleaning?

To know if you need to clean a dryer duct, follow a few quick tips. Look at the exterior of the fan. When your dryer is working, do you feel air coming out of it? If you can’t, too much lint inside will clog the vent. Clean the vent dryer as fast as possible. You are more at risk for a lint fir dryer if you have a dryer duct longer than 25 feet or have a flexible duct made of plastic or foil. 

Make this tested every couple of months at least once. Pay attention to the amount of time it takes for clothes to dry. If the process takes longer than usual, it may be time for a dryer duct cleaning, even though your dryer works just fine.

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