About Us

Leaving Ducts Clean As A Whistle

About Us

Vicks Air Duct Cleaning wants to provide you and your family a comfortable home. We don’t want to see people suffering from any air duct system problems, that’s why we hire experts to handle those issues immediately and excellently. Most of the people in California always choose our team to check and maintain their ductwork system regularly.

Vicks Air Duct Cleaning has been serving people in the country for almost a couple of decades and still counting. Updating all of our tools and equipment has been our trademark. Our ultimate goal is to provide those people who are suffering from their dirty and contaminated air duct system.

Why Choose Vicks Air Duct Cleaning?

  • Our specialists will arrive equipped with a variety of tools and brushes for a full range of air duct cleaning.
  • We guarantee to protect your carpets, floors, and home furnishings during the duct and vent cleaning process.
  • Our power vacuum generates a high-velocity air movement to capture contaminants safely and efficiently.
  • We use specialized brushes to remove debris and sweep ductwork surfaces to clean tiny particulates.
  • After cleaning the ductwork system, our specialist will conduct a pressure test to verify that return and supply ducts are properly balanced.

Whenever you need an expert to clean up your dirty and polluted air duct system, don’t hesitate to give Vicks Air Duct Cleaning a call immediately. Our customer services team is ready to give you a schedule for repairs or maintenance. We assure you that we will send you one of our well-trained and licensed technicians to handle the service that you need. You expect our specialist not to leave the project incomplete and messy. We guarantee you a hundred percent fast, reliable, and satisfying air duct cleaning services on the same day. 

For more information about Vicks Air Duct Cleaning, you are free to talk to our customer services representative at any time of the day, including weekends and holidays. All of your queries will be answered by our representative immediately and professionally.

Why Choose Us

Focusing On Health

We clean your ducts so you can avoid any future health risks

Licensed and Insured

We’re certified to use and handle cleaning agents for your ducts

Better Efficiency

Clean air ducts will allow your HVAC system to run more efficiently

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