10 Tips to Reduce Dust in Your Home

Leaving Ducts Clean As A Whistle

Finding dust in your home is not fun at all, because it often seems that no matter how much you clean, it keeps coming back, right? Did you know that the average room in your house collects 40 pounds of dust and allergens in their air ducts every year? 

While no amount of cleaning will completely remove the dust in your house, these ten simple tips are proven ways that will help you to your problem:

  • Clean from top to bottom
  • Change your bedding once a week
  • Keep tidy closets
  • Remove clutter from floors
  • Say “no” to carpeting
  • Mop the floors
  • Take it outside
  • Instead of a feather duster, apply it with a damp cloth
  • Clean air ducts & vents to prevent dust
  • Air purifiers

When these ways still won’t work, call Vicks Air Duct Cleaning for a fast, reliable, and efficient air duct cleaning service that is within your budget. We provide energy-efficient solutions that fit with all your home comfort needs. Our technicians are all certified, ensuring that any Vicks Air Duct Cleaning team member sent to your home possesses an intimate knowledge of how the system works. Our level of expertise, matched with our company’s uncompromising training standards, guarantees that your HVAC system and your home will always be in good hands.

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